Better Jobs Ontario

Get skills training and financial support when you qualify for Better Jobs Ontario.

People facing challenges finding a stable job

Effective April 29, 2022, we expanded the program to better help people who may face challenges finding stable jobs such as gig workers, youth and people on social assistance. If you have been unemployed for six months or longer, and are part of a low-income household, you may benefit from these changes. To better reflect the expansion of the program, we renamed the program Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career).
To learn more about Better Jobs Ontario, read the information on this webpage and contact an employment service provider in your area.


Better Jobs Ontario provides eligible applicants with:

You can apply for up to $28,000 for costs, including:

Additional funding may be available for:

Length of training programs

Better Jobs Ontario aims to help you rejoin the workforce quickly. That’s why the program focuses on training programs that take 52 weeks or less to complete, including micro-credential programs.
If you want to attend training longer than one year, you can apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for a mix of grants and loans to help you pay for your postsecondary education.


You may qualify for Better Jobs Ontario if you either:

You can still apply if you receive either:

Laid-off due to COVID-19

While the Better Jobs Ontario program is open to unemployed jobseekers, a fast-track stream is available if you were laid-off because of COVID-19 and want to retrain for jobs in sectors that have potential for future employment.
If your application meets all the following criteria, you will go through a faster approval process, giving you access to training sooner:

Apply to Better Jobs Ontario

To apply to Better Jobs Ontario, you’ll work with an Employment Ontario agency where staff are trained to:

Find an agency in your community and make an appointment.
Staff at the agency will help you gather the information needed to support your application to Better Jobs Ontario.

Preparing your application

When preparing your application, you may have to show:

The amount of support you will receive is based on individual needs and available funding.
When you apply to Better Jobs Ontario, you must provide information to support a financial needs assessment, such as:

School information

You must research at least three training institutions to make sure they offer the training you need. Make sure to include at least:

You are only required to research one training institution if you either:

Find a college of applied arts or technology or private career college near you.


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